This is us….

We have built the Routemaster platform with Africa in mind Public Transport (bus, train or taxi) should be easy! Stating the obvious, yes, but our point is why can’t it be?

For most of us this is how we get around, and can be one of the most time consuming and painful parts of our day.

So fast forward two or three years from now….. and we’d like to think Routemaster (meet us on our profile page) has helped you achieve one of our primary missions – Make public transport and travel safer, efficient, reliable and even possibly pleasant.

We don’t believe putting a tracker on a vehicle, throwing in a whole bunch of reports and seeing you three or four times a year is acceptable, and it's going to significantly improve your business and ultimately satisfy your customer.

Our goal is to change this mind-set, through our approach and with what we have to offer. Our difference is that we understand the day to day operations of Public Transport, we sit with you to help you understand how your transport business is operating, and through the use of some very clever software (the Routemaster platform) we put buses, trains and taxis where they should be, at the feet of your customers.

We have built the Routemaster platform with Africa in mind, and specifically for what Africa has to offer. Our point… We don’t need first world technologies, internet speeds, bandwidth and infrastructure to offer you first class services.

The future of public transport? Knowing what the most efficient routes are, where your customer demand is, being as green as possible, reducing traffic congestion (get them out of their cars) and predicting tomorrows traffic movements (congestion, accidents and roadworks) . But enough about us, our goals, missions and beliefs, What can we do for you?

Future developments

Nothing wrong with a bit of fun, interest and challenge here. So we like to bring onboard ideas and concepts that are not only fun, interesting and challenging, but improve what we’re offering.

Predictive Traffic Analytics

What a perfect world we would live in if we knew before we started our journey how we should go about it! We are currently at a research and development phase here, but it won't be long before we remove this section and add it to our product offering.

All things Google - but specifically Maps!

We map public transport services through the use of the Google Maps Business API. For us that is just the start...and we are always looking for ways to further enhance the platform we offer our clients. Typically at every version release of our platform, you WILL notice an additional feature or function that is Google Maps related.

GPS Tracking Devices

Nothing "future" about GPS tracking devices.....? We think so....

Why hide that GPS device under the hood when it should double up as a driver assist service (your smartphone already does this). We have some rather radical thoughts around mobile technologies when combined with traditional GPS tracking devices, and hope to "rock the boat" some time soon.

Faizel Abrahams

Founder and our Chief Technologist

Faizel is the reason we are in business today, bringing a unique compliance and tracking concept to the Public Transport Sector and growing it into the great brand and platform it is today: Routemaster! Faizel is a great believer in our platform doing the talking for us and he leads our development team with an eye for detail and a large amount of logic always at hand.

Gary Morgan

Business Development

Gary is responsible for growing the business, making sure it runs efficiently and ultimately ensuring our customers love us! He has a vast wealth of technology know how, has no time for the "i" in Team and runs the business with one single mantra: "keep it simple, keep it lean, always focus, find the need"

Noziphiwo Canca

Senior Systems Operator

Nozi is one of the longest serving team members at Routemaster, and does a world class job of keeping our daily reporting targets on track. The Queen of maximum output, Nozi is diligent and concise in all that she does, she has a unique knowledge of our clients routes and also assists us with our daily route analysis process.

Bongani Magwaxaza

System Ops Manager

Bongani plays a large part in ensuring we meet our clients contract needs. Apart from managing our Systems Operation team, Bongani also ensures our Public Transport compliance reports are compiled correctly, delivered on time and most importantly accurately.

Amiera Mustapha

Systems Operator

Amiera is a recent addition to the team, but with the sharp mind that she has is already up to speed and making a difference to delivery of our contract obligations. Her work ethic stands out a mile and she has a great future ahead of her!

Aldrin Abrahams

BI & Data Analyst

In layman's terms, Aldrin helps us make sense of all the data we generate, turns it into dashboard reports which then that tell the true story about the health of our clients business operation.
Diligent, dedicated and going the extra mile come to mind!

Abdurahmaan Meyer

Account Manager / Route Analyst

Abdu's one and only mission...great client service! He has fantastic account management skills and keeps our clients up to date all day, every day. His knowledge of our clients business goes a long way to ensuring we exceed expectations.

Mahesh Koyola

Senior Production Developer

Another new addition to our growing development team, Mahesh is our challenge solver! When our clients ask for the impossible we introduce them to Mahesh! As all developers should be he is in constant focus, communicates well and delivers before deadline day.

Lerato Kgabi

Systems Operator

Lerato is our Mrs Motivator and a key part of the "glue" that keeps our team together. She assists
with our System Operator duties, analyses route queries and ultimately keeps those buses on track!